Knights of Minecraft is a Minecraft Hardcore OpenWorld Exploration RPG Dedicated Server. Inspired by Ultima Online (UO) and Zelda. Its being programmed from Scratch to be an alternative RPG server, very different from what players are used to. Crafting, Building, Conquering other players lands, PvP and PlayerKilling will be a significant part of the game. Dungeons are zelda-like, with puzzles, treasure chests, bosses and rare items to find.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Housing, Guilds and Plunder Points

So... this will be quite intresting and different..

  Oposite to the common RPG servers out there, players will be able to build theyr house on the main , persistent, world. However, they wont be simply building theyr houses, they will build guilds. Of course you can make a one person guild and call it your house, but guilds have different properties.

  We already developed the /land command, and the land claiming is already working.

  You can create guilds and claim lands for your guild (for a price, of course, and it will get expensive as your guild expands). After 4 land claims, you will need more POWER to claim more lands, 1 power = +1 land. You will get POWER by consuming Power Stones (we are open to suggestions...) that you can find in dungeons and mobs, and, doing some profession works (Fishing, Mining for instance).

  Besides that, your land wont be 100% safe. When someone from other guild kills a member of your guild, this other guild will gain Plunder Points over your guild. 1 Plunder Point , or PP, by player killed. If the other guild leader has killed , it will get +3 PPs, if your guild leader is the killed one, +3 PPs. This means the following table:

   Guild Member kills Guild member = 1 PP
   Guild Leader kills Guild member = 4 PP
   Guild Member kills Guild Leader = 4 PP
   Guild Leader kills Guild Leader = 7 PP

Guilds can use theyr PPs to pillage and plunder other guilds. Lockpickers can pick the other guild chests for a PP cost (but they have to make theyrself inside the guild, maybe stealthing , maybe just blasting they way in).

  Guild Leaders can also claim other guild lands for a temporary time (1 - 2 hours) and will have full access to that land, so they can claim a wall for instance, make a huge hole on that wall to allow the guild members to come inside and , PLUNDER !

  Blocks can be stolen as well.

  This can make some people mad, because they can loose theyr valuable goods, but it will make the world feel way more dangerous. We are developing a Criminal / Karma / PK system as well, however enemy guilds wont trigger criminal acts while a fight happens.

  Now, back to development, finishing the Criminal system ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hiding and Stealth

Well, Hiding and Stealth was developed !

Its not a complex system... however we did some extra tweaks , as minecraft provides some extra features , such as.........LIGHT !

It will be easyer to hide in darker areas and harder to make on lighter areas. The same for stealth ! Instead of steps count, it will be a timer. Maybe its not better then step counts, however it will be more performatic. So far, no actions can be taken while hiding in tha shadows !

Will be posting about Magery soon....

Mob Configuration System

This is for admins only... we are making a way we can configure what kind of mobs spawn on each regions, to have specific levels and loots. The loot is derived from the mob name, and the level...oh well, its the level. Its only a 'internal level' to set the mob difficulty, players will never know the actual mob level.

Explanation: Alchemy

Ok, so this is the alchemy system. The system itself is ready however we are still implementing more potions.

For the alchemy, the player will need to find alchemy recipes (some will be sold by NPCS, some will be found on specific dungeon chests, some are random loot from chests/mobs/bosses)

   You will need an alchemy book (wont drop upon death). You can buy one of them on a alchemist NPC by a cheap price.

With the alchemy book in hands, you will need the recipe for a potion, described as above.

If you drag the recipe into the book, the recipe paper disappears and a new page is created at the book.

Now, you need to put up the ingredients inside a cauldron. You can remove them with a Hopper.

Then you use the book, with an empty bottle in your inventory to take out... the 
Potion Extract !

If you followed the potion instructions, it says you need to brew with a sugar, so you have to do that

And voi-la, you have your potion. Depending on your alchemy skill you can fail to crate the potion as well, maybe, if you are such a bad alchemist, it could explode in your face :D

Explanation: Lumberjacking

Lumberjacking is not 100% yet. The harvesting part is done. Each tree type will have its own difficulty to chop and rarity.

When the player chops a tree, it will generate a sapling on the spot indicating that specific tree cooldown to grow again. Each tree type has its own cooldown time.

Each wood type will produce different wood parts, for example, we can have a Common Stick and a WIllow Stick. If you craft a bow with Willow sticks it will get certain properties, different than a Common Wood bow.

Players will need an axe to chop, they wont be able to cut trees with no axe (like in standard minecraft)

Explanation: Locks , Lockpicks and Keys

Engineers can craft Locks. Every lock has a lock level, and locks might be placed on chests or doors.
They can also craft keys (and copy those keys) for those locks, when they have them.

   Lockpickers can pick any kind of lock, chests or doors, to open the door. The level of locking needed will be balanced by the lock level (engineering level of the lock crafter).

  Its a pretty simple system, however, will sense danger for everyone as your house and chests will be locked so people wont steal your stuff.

  Will keys drop upon death ? We are not sure, but i belive so far they will.

  Nothing will be safe.

Blog Created

Ok, so this blog was created to illustrate our process making the Knights of Minecraft server.

This is what we have so far:

Skill-Listing - Progress in-code: (progress in this post date)
    Lumberjacking: 90%
    Farming: 50%
    Fishing: 0%
    Minning: 70%
    Blacksmithing: 90%
    Alchemy: 70%
    Taming: 0%
    Bowcrafting: 0%
    Engineering: 35%
    Escavation: 15%
    Enchanting: 90%
    Poisoning: 0%
    Lockpicking: 25%
    Hiding: 90%
    Stealth: 90%
    DetectHidden: 0%
    Swordsmanship: 0%
    MaceFighting: 0%
    Fencing: 0%
    AxeFighting: 0%
    Parryng: 0%
    Tactics: 0%
    Dodge: 0%
    Resistance: 0%
    MagicResistance: 0%
    Healing: 100%
    Chivalry: 0%
    Magery: 50%
    Spiritism: 0%
    Elementalism: 0%
    Wrestling: 0%
    Meditation: 90%
    Focusing: 0%
    Archery: 0%

We are currently working on:

- Mob Spawning System
- Lockpicking and Engineering and Lock Systems