Knights of Minecraft is a Minecraft Hardcore OpenWorld Exploration RPG Dedicated Server. Inspired by Ultima Online (UO) and Zelda. Its being programmed from Scratch to be an alternative RPG server, very different from what players are used to. Crafting, Building, Conquering other players lands, PvP and PlayerKilling will be a significant part of the game. Dungeons are zelda-like, with puzzles, treasure chests, bosses and rare items to find.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mob Configuration System

This is for admins only... we are making a way we can configure what kind of mobs spawn on each regions, to have specific levels and loots. The loot is derived from the mob name, and the level...oh well, its the level. Its only a 'internal level' to set the mob difficulty, players will never know the actual mob level.

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