Knights of Minecraft is a Minecraft Hardcore OpenWorld Exploration RPG Dedicated Server. Inspired by Ultima Online (UO) and Zelda. Its being programmed from Scratch to be an alternative RPG server, very different from what players are used to. Crafting, Building, Conquering other players lands, PvP and PlayerKilling will be a significant part of the game. Dungeons are zelda-like, with puzzles, treasure chests, bosses and rare items to find.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Explanation: Locks , Lockpicks and Keys

Engineers can craft Locks. Every lock has a lock level, and locks might be placed on chests or doors.
They can also craft keys (and copy those keys) for those locks, when they have them.

   Lockpickers can pick any kind of lock, chests or doors, to open the door. The level of locking needed will be balanced by the lock level (engineering level of the lock crafter).

  Its a pretty simple system, however, will sense danger for everyone as your house and chests will be locked so people wont steal your stuff.

  Will keys drop upon death ? We are not sure, but i belive so far they will.

  Nothing will be safe.

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