Knights of Minecraft is a Minecraft Hardcore OpenWorld Exploration RPG Dedicated Server. Inspired by Ultima Online (UO) and Zelda. Its being programmed from Scratch to be an alternative RPG server, very different from what players are used to. Crafting, Building, Conquering other players lands, PvP and PlayerKilling will be a significant part of the game. Dungeons are zelda-like, with puzzles, treasure chests, bosses and rare items to find.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hiding and Stealth

Well, Hiding and Stealth was developed !

Its not a complex system... however we did some extra tweaks , as minecraft provides some extra features , such as.........LIGHT !

It will be easyer to hide in darker areas and harder to make on lighter areas. The same for stealth ! Instead of steps count, it will be a timer. Maybe its not better then step counts, however it will be more performatic. So far, no actions can be taken while hiding in tha shadows !

Will be posting about Magery soon....

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